Technical Content Marketing

Peak PMM specializes in content creation for SaaS B2B firms seeking to acquire and engage technical prospects.

Our Expertise

We learn the nuances and subtleties of your technology to articulate clear and differentiated value propositions for your solutions.

Content Strategy

Analyze and segment your target audiences, identify best product/market fit, develop joint messaging and positioning, and create a content calendar.

Blog Content

Increase search engine visibility and attract new visitors with compelling content that speaks their language and tells your differentiated story.

eBooks and Whitepapers

Generate new leads with engaging content that develops trust and sets the stage to begin promoting your unique value propositions.

Case Studies

Provide social proof to potential buyers with concise storytelling that highlights the merits of your solution and differentiates you from the crowd.

Website Copy

Develop a compelling and trustworthy online presence that resonates with your target segments and buyer personas.

Our Clients

Lore IO

Our Differentiation

Technology Minded

We're English majors who've been coding for fun for years. Our left-brain / right-brain approach lets us quickly grasp and authoritatively communicate the nuances of your technology and its benefits.

Product Marketing Oriented

We have over a decade of Product Marketing experience with high technology firms and know the ins-and-outs of messaging, positioning, and differentiation.

Broad Technology Expertise

We have deep familiarity with many industries and technologies, such as Big Data, ETL, Digital Analytics, Tag Management, Data Management, Digital Analytics, Behavioral Targeting, and more.

Big on Competition

We've conducted dozens of competitive evaluations, analyzing different types of sources to conduct accurate SWOT analyses and produce highly differentiated messaging.

Great with End Users

We've collaborated with technology end users to produce effective case studies, conference presentations, joint webinars, video testimonials and more.

Innovative Research Tools

We leverage our programming skills to automate and accelerate our research tasks, saving you time and money.